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pronounced:(Eye-See)-- Tall, cute, skinny brunette. She is extremely level-headed and calm but at times she'll be talking a million miles a minute and spazzing out about her latest obsession. Iceeh has a good heart and anyone who knows her will say she's a genuinely good person. You can only hope to be half the person Iceeh is.

*sidenote--Iceeh has a tendency to spout random musical lyrics. BEWARE!

Iceeh is also refered to as: Icykins, Ikea, and of course "Lipstick Tiger"!!
"Hi I'm Iceeh! I'm straight today, bi tommorow, Christian in yesterday and probably black in a week"
by Kara12345 February 05, 2009
Slang term for any girl from Alaska who acts promiscuous.
Rebecca: She's a total iceeh girl.
by KarabelleDujor February 05, 2009

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