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when a girl is sucking on a guys balls, then puts an ice cube in her mouth, causing him pleasure and cold sensation at the same time. Ususally enjoyed on hot days.
Jenny was teabagging me, but the weather was hot and she put some ice cubes in her mouth. If it wasn't for that that iced tea bag, I never would have come
by jason373 May 15, 2009

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To place one's testicles in another's mouth and then proceed to urinate up his or her nostril(s). A reference to performing the teabag . Also, an allusion to the practice of squeezing lemon juice into a glass of iced tea.

An act made famous by the massey .
Hux is such a pube. I heard that he asked a homeless man in Detroit to give him the Iced Teabag. I'll bet that stung.
by Teabagger September 20, 2004