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foreign or half-bred icelandic person that has the ability to be fabulous, glamourous and gorgeous at the same time while being exposed to Iceland's harsh conditions.

IceGlamers do often hang out in Reykjavík and make local hipsters look like a bunch of soccer moms who went crazy at the mall.

Iceglamers often wear fabulous sunglasses,oufits inadapted to icelandic weather and yet remain fabulous, glamourous and gorgeous.
by Virgile December 11, 2010
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Refers to the quirky fashions and decedent lifestyle of an exclusive class of expatriates in the 101 post code of Reykjavik, Iceland. Some say it is synonymous with 'krútt', or the Icelandic hipster scene, though IceGlam is more cliquish and is said to have ties with foreign celebrities and intellectuals.
Darling, you are looking so IceGlam. Chloë Sevigny would be so jealous!
by Icelandish December 11, 2010
Generally being fabulous and hanging out in downtown Reykjavik. The glam part comes from dressing in glamorous Icelandic style. This means you can wear anything you want and as long as nothing matches and if it looks like its from a second hand store, then its cool.
So, are you coming over to glam tonight?
Yeah, I could really do with an IceGlam session this weekend.
by ruderuth December 07, 2010

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