Ice T Tha Realest nigga in the game, with his big mansion, White blond bitch with double D implants, and hardcore rock band that said Copkiller with no remorse, before changing the tracklist and making the song virtually disappear from the earth until The Internet existed, and eventually getting the role of a cop on Law and Order SVU.

Ice T technically fits the description of Sell out,

Still despite all this he's never been called one by any notable source. This might be do to the fact he is the most hardcore rapper or the fact he can go 60-0 on Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2.
360 Player 1: Damn, nigga how the fuck u keep killing me?

360 Player 2: COPKILLER yeah, bitch I blew ur fuckin head off, u can't see Ice T on this sawwed off shit

Player 3: Oh god, Shut the fuck up, and why the fuck isn't anyone shooting down the chopper???
#ice t #copkiller #bodycount #360 #rapper #real nigga
by The shriff March 19, 2010
Also appeared on Chappelle's Show as a Playa Hater in the Playa Hater's Ball. Introduced the winner of the 2003 Playa Hater of the Year, Silky Johnson.
No quote available..
by James Bond! September 08, 2004
a cool usually lemon- flavored drink.
Dude1: Hey, dude, would you like some Ice-T
Dude2: Sure, pour it down my ass.
by Yelsew Foolface April 12, 2005
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