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When douchebags from Florida steal and dismantle air conditioners for the box of Freon inside and suck the shit out of it until they pass out and usually die.
*douchebag 1* wanna go Ige Age at my house?

*douchebag 2* you know it, my mom just bought a new air conditioner we can pry open!

*douchebag 3* or we can rent a few from Rent-A-Center and never pay it off!

Ice Aging!

*douchebag 1* we're tool's.
by LeakMastah413 September 21, 2009
The act of toking up outside and taking such a big toke, that the cloud blocks out the sun for a second. Its even easier to do if using a bong
wow, you really ice aged the fuck out that joint didnt you man? or man you sure are ice aging that motherfucker
by canada len October 13, 2007