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Derived from the sadomasochist "iceplay", the original ice crap is the vacating of ice cubes (also snow, shavings, packs, even ice cream) from a person's bowels into which said ice cubes were at some point inserted for sexual pleasure.

Contemporary society has gone on to use the term "ice crap" in a variety of connotations, most notably in reference to the diarrhea immediately following devouring a pint of ice cream (like a fat bitch on the rag) and to denote any posession of (esp. pussy whipped boy slave) or negative effect from (i.e. calling your mom, hurling small animals, crapping your pants) an ice bitch or being in her immediate proximity.

For furthur reading, see fat bitch, binge, ice bitch, ice burn, and sadomasochism.
That bitch Lorrie dumped her ice crap right on my living room floor! Oh well, good thing I had the dropcloth down.

Oh look, Adria brought all her little ice craps with her.

Hi, mom? Sorry for calling so late; I just had the biggest ice crap and I had to tell someone. Oh, uh...nevermind what an ice crap is, can I have twenty bucks? I'm out of food...again.
by milk cup September 21, 2006
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