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The repercussions of smoking ice and looking like a haggard old man/lady.
Have you seen Rowan lately? Man he's ice aging fast, needs to get off the ice!
#ice #drug addict #smoking crack #crack pipe #old #haggard
by lmaolol October 19, 2014
When douchebags from Florida steal and dismantle air conditioners for the box of Freon inside and suck the shit out of it until they pass out and usually die.
*douchebag 1* wanna go Ige Age at my house?

*douchebag 2* you know it, my mom just bought a new air conditioner we can pry open!

*douchebag 3* or we can rent a few from Rent-A-Center and never pay it off!

Ice Aging!

*douchebag 1* we're tool's.
#freon #high #leak #tools #freak
by LeakMastah413 September 21, 2009
The act of toking up outside and taking such a big toke, that the cloud blocks out the sun for a second. Its even easier to do if using a bong
wow, you really ice aged the fuck out that joint didnt you man? or man you sure are ice aging that motherfucker
#weed #dope #chronic #toke #blast
by canada len October 13, 2007
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