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The word 'iwfy', is the shortened version of 'I wanna fuck you', and is often used in texts, instant messengers, and in comment boxes on personal webpages. It is used in similar context to the term ily.
Iwfy is usually read/said as all one word rather than pronounced as single letters such as 'I-W-F-Y'.
It is usually recieved as an affectionate term used more to describe your admiration for someone, rather than actual love, although can mean different things in different situations.
Boyfriend to Girlfriend: "Don't ever let me lose you, iwfy"
Friend to friend: "Iwfy Laura White!'
Texts: "Meet me by the cinema at 2 o'clock, iwfy, Fred"
Instant messenger: "Sorry, I g2g now, iwfy xxx"
Comment boxes: "What a pretty girl, iwfy!"
by PB07 March 18, 2010
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