In The World

Comes from an obvious place called the internet where people are lazy fucktards.
Those guys fucking rock, they are the best ITW.
by Maverician March 18, 2005
Top Definition
Is this weird? Commonly used before explaining something odd about oneself or when just seeking attention on a social network. When spoken, young people pronounce it 'IT dubs'.
ITW? I always blink three times before conversations I have with my psych teacher or a woman.

ITW? Sometimes I force myself to laugh out loud when I'm alone and need a cheer up. Or, I just write lol on the chalkboard 100 times.
by AKster July 21, 2012
An abbreviation of the phrase "In the world". this phrase is added onto the end of sentences for added effect.

When used without the abbreviation it is best that you say it in a Jeremy Clarkson accent.
This is my favorite car ITW
by TcG LiBeR8ToRZz August 01, 2010
Its The Weed...
OMG that chocolate meatloaf covered candy was so delish!!

No!! ITW!!!!
by Schmilf January 22, 2010
Function(s): noun; adjective

1. (noun)
One who foolhardily attempts to thwart the progress of rafflers - usually unsuccessfully.

2. (adjective)
Description for a person who vehemently resists progress.

See: Raffle
That girl is so I.T.W. She never answers rafflers' phone calls.
by RaffleMeTimberz February 26, 2008
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