What a person says in prvacy to another person. I Took a Big Shit.
Paul; Hey dude guess what what..
Dane; what?
Paul; ITBS..
Dane; Youre disgusting..
by Carolynn Montoya March 01, 2008
Top Definition
Acronym for "in the butt." "In the butt" became extremely popular after South Park and Samwell brought "What? What? in the butt" to giant popularity.
I said what!? what!? ITB.

Duuuuude! Did you PIIHB!? Oh yeah. ITB.
by DrHarley06 October 18, 2011
Stands for Invidual Throttle Bodies. Can be found in cars such as tuned AE86's and GTiRs. Every cylinder has it's own throttle body. Greatly improves throttle response compared to a single throttle. Has a great sound to them.
Those ITB'S look f00ly sick!!!!11!!!
by Johnno May 16, 2005
An Acronym for In The Butt.
did that I.T.B
by CJ McMastaKewlio(2) February 09, 2009
Inside the Beltline

I need not say anymore.
Where do you live in Raleigh. Oh, yes, I see.
by Raleigh Boy November 22, 2004
An abbreviation for the saying; "Is the best". This shorthand term is used widely on social networking websites and internet forums.
I think Inter Milan will win the Champions League this year, Mourinho ITB!

Nobody watches bbc1, channel 4 ITB!
by stant.d.bant May 03, 2010
A term that refers to be In The Bed. This is a list of the most attractive men in the entire world! And a short list of women too! There is a list of extra attractive men which is referred to as ITFB (In The Fricken Bed).
Person 1: OMG, Cousin Jackie is the most ITB man in the world.
Person 2: uhhhh, of course he is.
by Cousin Jackie Wannabe July 21, 2013

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