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Acronym for I Took A Picture.
ITAP of my wife.
by Scallops N' Cheese January 21, 2011
33 5
General Definition: One of the Predictive Text Input technologies for mobile phones. It is created by Motorola.

Actual Definition: The stupidest text assistance program, ever.
I'm gonna sent this text using iTAP cause it says it will be faster............10 minutes later....... Sending Hello.
by CraziestWalnut October 28, 2007
13 5
The act of using a cell phone text to hook up with the opposite sex for a 'quickie.' This term has recently come to replace the term 'sexting.'
If you're not gonna iTap that hottie fromt he bar, I think I'm gonna iTap her for you.
by Envious 314 March 16, 2009
3 20