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A kid from EHS in G-ville SC that smells like a pile of dogshit.
by whatisupmapeeples April 26, 2012

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International Security Special Branch There are members of the ISSB working in almost every country in the western world and there may well be a few of their number working in the east. International Terrorist Groups have worked very closely together for many years. The leaders of the western world are not stupid. The security forces in Europe, particularly in Ireland (North and South) are the best in the world. Many of the Northern Irish ISSB are seconded to security forces throughout the world to help fast track development and training programmes.
There is something big expected to happen in Northern Ireland, and indeed many other potential trouble spots in Ireland and Great Britain. Most of the major towns and cities have large numbers of the ISSB working in ordinary everyday jobs. Watch your back if you are a revolutionary you are being watched
by Stias September 13, 2005