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In School Restriction. This is when you are held in a classroom apart from other students for one class period. Your teacher will often send work for you to do. Like ISS but not for as long of a time.
My friend had ISR during math because he was playing on his iPod yesterday.
by CatChick February 17, 2010
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Illegal Street Racing
"yo, you cats down for some ISR?"
by Rich B August 30, 2006
Girl and boy school located in Monterrey, Mexico. Boys show their boxers and more; since they like the feeling of the air through their ass. Girls use slutty short skirts while pretending to be holy and spoiled daddy's little girl.
Boy: Woah, nice skirt! I wonder what's underneath it babe
Girl: Well, keep wondering becuase you're never gonna know asshole.
Boy: Damn, I sure as hell want that bitch
Boy 2: Well man, keep dreaming because she's from ISR
by NILS321 June 13, 2011

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