An acronym for International Service Organization.
A group of students in foreign language classes involved in providing service to 3rd world countries. Most people join just for the free cookies.
Dakota: Hey Jenna! Are u going to that ISO meeting on Thursday?
Jenna: Yeah! There is gonna be free cookies!!
by Dakots April 07, 2007
An abbreviation for specific Asian/English phrasiology, meaning: "I am so..."
Often used, as in, "OH, ISO HORNEY!"
by Richie333 April 07, 2007
n: InSignificant Other. The person that you happen to be with but would rather not.
"I fought with my ISO last night."
"Man, why don't you just dump that bitch?"
by a nony mousey February 11, 2008
A man with a small pipi. A abnormality where a infants pipi refused to grow past his kewi's of love. Unable to procreate due to one's chocolate balls not being full of dark life producing coconut milk of love. Overall, just a full grown man especially dental students at UCLA with small carot sticks.
Small Iso carot that does not go past a one inch kiwi.
by Temolito August 20, 2007
In, Smash, Out. A hit and run done with para-professional technique. Takes the advantage of surprise, and the life of every intended target. At this level of precision no bystanders or civilians take damage.
Person 1: These cats want to fight, but I saw a blade on the quiet fool and a pistol butt protruding from Swaying Swan's waistband.
Person 2: Fuck it lets roll out. We can catch their loaded asses slipping and ISO 'em by the weekend.
by West Empire Anarcho September 08, 2005

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