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I should have known!
ISHK what TFTL meant!
I should have known that TFTL meant Thanks For The Link...
by Esteban Lamberto January 27, 2004
i can believe it, wow. is this really happening?. i sure am stoked about this
ishk i am excited about tonight!
by Dean, Dedicated To Erica December 04, 2004
weed, pot, chronic, reefer - short for ishkerbibble
i wanna get lifted, whos got the ishk?
by projectmcl June 26, 2004
I so have knees; ishk can be used as a term of agreement, or in place of lol, lmfao, lawlz, etc
Person 1: Dude did you see the Golden Globes?
Person 2: No, I think the actors are so stuck up.
Person 1: Ishk! They are spoiled!
by Glen Coco My Homies January 17, 2011
I Cant Believe It!. I Am Stoked. Wow Is This Really Happening?.
Ishk, Dean Copyied Erica Again!
by Dean, Dedicated To Erica December 04, 2004
When your excited about something, you say ISHK!!!
ISHK!!! I'm excited about tonight!
by E. December 04, 2004
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