I Really Laughed

While the term IRL generally means "in real life" in recent years, when combined with LOL the term has grown traction as an abbreviation or shorthand text-speak for "I really laughed". As the phrase 'LOL' -- a term once used to denote actual laughter -- has become overused and utilized in instances where no actual laughter has occurred, IRL is now being used to denote real laughter so as to let the other person know they actually found it funny.
John: that's when I told her I was gay.

Jane: LOL, irl.
#text phrases #shorthand #abbv #texting #teens
by urbanr_cker October 01, 2011
Acronym for Intimate Relative Love, a stereotype among rednecks and inbreds.
Okay now you're just making shit up damn it.
by T Hizzle April 06, 2005
and awesome manly guy
Avery is an irl
#stud #man #manly-man #awesomeness incarnate #avery
by the smart one22871 September 28, 2009
irl i'm really laughing
donna:that was so0o funnii, irl
lisa:irl, i know right!
by Lauren D May 09, 2005
A pointless addition to any sentence, just to make it longer. Very common in Vänersborg.
"Hello irl! / Hej irl!"
"wtf irl!"
"your hair looks weird... irl!"
by kretz June 24, 2003
Quirky Internet shorty for In Real Love, often used by naïve Internet hoes.
omg i think i'm irl w/ craig ^^ ;)
by T Hizzle April 06, 2005
Indy Racing League, now the premier racing series, it features cars that are more affordable, and Unlike CART the IRL mainly runs in the United States, with 1 race overseas in Japan. Thus they can have more races as opposed to the expense of transporting cars overseas.
NASCAR driver Tony Stewart, is also an IRL Champion.
by joe c August 27, 2004
Slang for "I am," when the speaker is intending to be funny by making fun of themselves with intentionally bad grammar. See also i r. May also be used as "url" when referring to someone else, meaning, "you are."

Originating from chat rooms and flash videos, people who watch them inevitably end up using them in thier RL conversations.

When pronouncing, "eye-are-el." As if the "el" were adding a bit of spanglish in the mix.
"lol, irl noob! ima get shot in teh face!"
"irl ninja"
"url stupid"
#irl #url #i r #i r l #u r #u r l #i am #you are #i #you #u
by Rory Strawn May 28, 2007
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