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IRC Operators are users on an Internet Relay Chat (IRC) Network with privileged access. Sometimes known as Opers, operators, or IRCops (which is sometimes a pun on IRC Cops), these users are tasked with enforcing the network rules, and in most cases, rerouting the network topography for faster access.
Ircop aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa sssssssssssssss ddddddd
by AnGeL_DeVoId November 10, 2005
Moderators of IRC (Internet Relay Client) that have the ability to ban members they don't like. GGA are IRC cops.
<Bob_Sanders> Did those polar really too stupid to read?
<Ironchef> GGA r IRCop so we r banhammer them.
by WAEhalla August 19, 2008
Internet Relay Chat Operator
German for Egghead
Look at this nerd, he's such an ircop
by deegital June 03, 2003