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A fat girl that hides behind her computer because shes too busy eating twinkies like a fat fuck to do anything else with herself. Will try to be cocky until you call her fat.
#toronto on efnet
by kaotik February 06, 2003
52 20

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irc chicks csgod knocked up slut
chicks with dicks
by anonymous April 02, 2003
17 12
A fat chick who can only make friends if she can't be seen. ref:
She must be an IRC chick, cause everybody knows only fat chicks irc.
by ragex March 11, 2003
23 20
Webcam whore with a blog site, that brags on irc about being a slut.
Look at that 'irc chick', shes already fucked everyone in #c0nf including the bot, my keyboard, and the irc server, now shes on her webcam half naked writing a blog entry telling is she can't wait till shes 15 so she can get a job as an underage hooker.
by kaotik February 06, 2003
16 17
internet rubbing cock chicks
you nerds can only get cyber sex, w00t
by yeah May 19, 2003
11 15
sluts whored by donza
donza has fucked all the fat chicks in this channel
by anonymous March 18, 2003
4 8
online hoes.

#sexschool @ efnet
hoes get online.
by scam May 18, 2003
3 8