This is usually found on post op trans-sexuals that used to be men and are now women,and is an acronym for Insisde Out Penis
Look at that manly looking chick over there at the bar, do u think she has an IOP?
by dallas p sizzle February 08, 2009
Top Definition
Acronym for: Intensive Out Patient. Relating to rehab.
Dumb ass: Hey I just failed my piss test at IOP today!
Me: Wow you think your cool now?
by DGAF $$ KWEEN September 25, 2008
International Online Pharmacy
"Those are 50mg extended release codeine tabs from Spain. I had some a few years ago from an iop."
by Too Old To Be Clownin' September 17, 2012
Online plastic surgery / Internet Operation. Using fake pictures and/or editing real pictures online to achieve a certain image of oneself.
A: Woah, did you see Sarah's Facebook pics?
B: Hah! Yeah, total iOp.
A: I wonder how long it took her to edit out all that fat.

"Going in for an iOp before online-ing it."
by 17177753 January 19, 2008
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