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"It’s not just about the ring” INJATR is set to launch, early April 2011! It's not just about the ring is a national awareness campaign targeted towards young women to help build self esteem as well as convince them of their full potential and goals while ignoring the anxieties embedded in our generation to get married and be engaged in that permanent relationship before they know who they are or given themselves the chance to pursue their dreams.

We will have a blog updated by your founders, Crystal Russell and Amanda Oleander, a special “inspiration” section with young women who want to share their own personal success stories and how they followed the potential, a store with the official INJATR merchandise including the popular “potential ring”, and a very special help section with a specific trained coach for INJATR (Barbara Marville) to help young women reach their full potential, and more. There’s even something bigger in the works for the campaign. It’s official that J-Stylz, the youngest member of the Grammy award-winning R&B group titled Blackstreet, is on board 100% with the campaign. He is currently in the studio right now working on his first solo project titled “Love Tattoo” which will feature the theme song for the it’s not just about the ring movement. In the meantime ‘like’ us on facebook and follow us on twitter so you can stay updated on the latest news and special updates for INJATR.
I went to a INJATR event today.
by injatr February 17, 2011
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