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The world already has ebonics
now it gets IMonics (I-monics, im-onics)- the corruption of the english language by text, instant message, forums, comments, personal web space, etc.

IMonics has multiple forms but is typically used to shorten communication and reduce characters required
- use of numbers for words or letters
- use of phonetic spellings
- use of generally known acronyms
- removal of letters from words

IMonics is not just characterized by this behaviour in specific forums but its continued use in other written communication outside of internet and text impacting overall spelling, grammar, etc.

Future generations will not see this as corruption but simply the evolution of the language with technology
l8r 4 IMonics
that IMonics wrd sux bcuz ppl dnt use IMonics
OMG Imonics jst nu way 2 dscrmin8 ppl
by testified January 03, 2007
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