A UT player that will do most anythig to win.
Imaho can be found at Roseanne's Bum, Unreal Tournament '99, CTF, SLV, Rocket X, Cars, BT
by Max-1 October 07, 2004
Top Definition
In My Absolutely Honest Opinion, Similar to IMO and IMHO, though it also has the second meaning: "I'm a ho".
Bacon: No, that's Windows with an Ubuntu Human theme.
TJ: As I suspected. Though imaho the human theme isn't that good.
by [og]TJ February 17, 2008
What the university of Idaho vandals chant at the end of their school fight song because they suck. It is proudly chanted in unison and can be heard at their football and basketball games.
vandal randal: I-M-A-H-O!
imaho and I blow!
Blow! Blow! Blow!
by silver n gold November 26, 2009
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