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(i) (l)ike (t)hat: But you really don't like it... Lesbian/Manly looking/sounding woman. Usually, grown up around men.
Damn, look at that ILT over there! Shes so ILTY!
by blacksoxs3 August 17, 2010
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I like Turtles is a phrase that came from the Brodcast from Portland of a boy who was dressed as a zombie.
Zombie "I like turtles" Yo man ILT, Did you see the ILT love program last night? I wanna just lick that little TA.
by Moses83 January 11, 2008
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i love thee. means i love you.
thee means 'you' in classic english language.
hey tyqa, i think ilt. for sure.. says lucas.
by tyqa_treehill April 09, 2009
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An acronym for "I Love That". It is a phrase commonly used when you are either in agreement or happy/excited about what someone has said or news/something you have heard.
~ Man opens letter from Inland Revenue. "Your tax code is incorrect and you are entitled to a tax rebate. Please find a cheque for the sum of £4560 enclosed"
~ "ILT"

~ "I just came back from New York. I brought you back that perfume you were looking for"
~ "ILT, thanks ;)"

~ "So I was parking the car, this hot brunette walks up and sticks her number under the windscreen wiper. She came to the window, said call me, and walked off!"
~ "ILT, did you call her....?"

~ "I put my coat on and there was £80 in my zip pocket!?"
~ "ILT, drinks on you tonight then!"
by JAC247 January 27, 2011
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An acronym for "I Love Tucson" as in Tucson, Arizona. It is a phrase so commonly said by the its occupants as a way to: justify living there, be in denial of the actuality of living there, or just describe the affinity for the character-building sites that are scarcely experienced outside of Tucson.

However, this acronym could apply to any "T" lettered city that might compare to the special flavor of Tucson, AZ.
Anyone: "I just saw two guys in mullets get in a fist fight mid-day on a Sunday at a charity event at a gay bar during Karaoke. ILT"
by TucsonResident November 14, 2010
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ILT is an (acronym) for Irish Liberation Troops
A friend told me the ILT company of young women is so energetic!

by St. Ias November 04, 2005
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i love tawnya
really strong meaning of love
comes deep from my heart
Ryan ILT soooo much...
I even made a acronym. "ILT"
by BIGPster December 24, 2007
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