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An acronym that stands for I Love/Like Pie/Pudding.

Chef: "Who wants pie for desert?"

Billy: "OMG ILP!"
by ILPER February 04, 2010
Stands for "I Love Pot".
A license plate that says ILP-420
by tkm625 August 29, 2007
Short for the phrase "I like pie"
Pronounced as it looks, ilp.

I like pie is supposed be random and funny, but it has become VERY predictable. It's most commonly used by 7-12 years olds, specifically 8-10 year olds.
two nine year old girls:
girl1: *yawns* I'm bored.
girl2: ILP.
girl1: what the heck?
girl2: It means I like pie.
girl1: oh that's awesome you're so amazing!
Mature person: Uh, yeah, i think i'll be going.
by dogluvermatty152 May 23, 2010