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Independent Lake Camp.

The most kickass place in the known universe. Exception: The Dungeon.

Run by Dan Gould/Anne Gould/Nigel Watson.
I like to go to ILC!
by Zach G. August 16, 2004
56 26
Short for Independent Lake Camp, in Orson, Pennsylvania. About 550 campers are there each 2 week sesision.
I go to the ILC.
by Zach G. November 14, 2003
53 29
Independent Lake Camp in the Poconos in Pennslyvania.

Best place in the world.
The counslors are amazing, the campers are amazing, revival night is amazing.
ILC is the best camp ever.
by ohhhaayy August 04, 2011
23 2
Acronym for "I Love College". Used when something that would only happen in college occurs. Most often referring to a crazy party or an out of the ordinary event on campus that gets the attention of people.
Dude, you shouldn't have skipped calculus today!! Two people barged into class dressed as a ninja and a pirate, they then had a choreographed fight scene before running out. ILC!!!!

Woke up this morning in a fur jacket and aviators next to a half empty bottle of grey goose. I think this is what P. Diddy feels like when he wakes up...ILC!!!
by flamingoxxstew April 14, 2011
4 2
Acronym- I Like Chicken
forum newb~ Hi gusy!

mrlaze~ ILC!

forum regular~ +1
by mrlaze August 16, 2007
8 10