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IL-76 Candid

The IL-76 is a Soviet vehicle transport plane. It was first introduced in 1971. It was made by Ilyushin, hence the abbreviation ‘Il’. It was thought to be another rip off of a US plane, which Ilyushin did often. This time it was the C-141. In actuality, it was most likely a coincidence. The IL-76 was mainly designed to open up Siberia having the ability to transport heavy cargo. It ended up being a strategic cargo plane for the Soviet Union. The V-TA (military version) reached 150 by 1980, frequently replacing the An-12.

Type: Vehicle Transport Plane
Armament: rear twin N-23 turrets
Dimensions: span 50.5m; length 40.59m; height 14.76m
Payload: 40000kg
Speed: 900km/h
Range: 5000km w/ max payload
Ceiling: 13000m
The IL-76 flew from Moscow to Madrid.
by Rot April 07, 2005
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