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Text talk for "I know but still"
Kai and James, at the same time: Dude wtf?
James: Jinx! You owe me a coke.
Kai: Uh-huh. *Summons a pound of cocaine.*
James: Lol. You know that'd be worth like a million dollars irl right?
Kai: It's fake, I summoned it. It's worth nothing.
James: ikbs xD
#so #and #w/e #meh #...
by Kota; January 07, 2011
Stands for "I Know Bro"
Hey, IKB it will be alright!
#bro #brochacho #broseidon #broski #broman
by Brochac0 July 05, 2011
Stands for "I know, bitch"
"Omg that movie was so funny"

by matt99199 November 13, 2015
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