Contraction of the statement "Its Just A Fish". This statement was used in the movie "white squall" when one of the characters had speared a dolphin; and when questioned as to why he engaged in this act, mentioned "Its Just A Fish!!!!" to partially assuage his guilt by making the dolphin less than a mammal- a cold blooding feelingless fish.
Dude, that girl left you man. Oh well She's an IJAF, you don't need her anyhow.
by hiumdfs December 17, 2009
Top Definition
It's just a fact.

IJAF is the new IAWTC.
"You'll cum 110 times harder with my cock in your ass. IJAF."
by Rich Cronin August 08, 2007
an acronym of "It's just a fact", the unanimously-agreed highlight in a graphic email that lead singer of boyband LFO, Rich Cronin, wrote after a single date with a girl on Myspace. Highly popularized in a livejournal community.
"ijaf is the new iawtc bb!"
by ohontd_yyousodistractingbb August 10, 2007
"It's just a fact" made famous by celebrity gossip blog oh no they didn't.

Through a myspace message, Rich Cronin (idk? my bff Jill) told his one time fling that he would make her "cum 110 times harder with his (man bits) in her (arse). It's just a fact." In turn, ONTD decided to mock him for the rest of eternity and "IJAF" was born.
Rich Cronin, reads oh no they didn't to find sell outs. IJAF!
by ONTD August 08, 2007
It's Just A Fact

Accompanies a statement made, see examples.
He's gay. IJAF.

Jessica Simpson is ugly, IJAF.
by ttlynowai August 10, 2007
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