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An acronym for Irish Guy I'd Like to Fuck. A sexually desirable male from Ireland (Eire or Northern) who one would want to have sexual "relations" with.
Man, Eugene O'Willey is a gagging IGILF.
by poja August 02, 2004

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When you're really lonely and you can't even get a grandma to fuck you... sometimes you gots to give her an iPod to get her whore herself out.

For more explanation see: www.spartantailgate.com
Even though SparTodd is one of the most pathetic posters on tRCMB, he actually got some poon, which is more than Blanch can say. Who cares if he had to give that GILF an iPod in exchange for sex, at least he got to fuck that iGilf!
by Natron the Spartan July 20, 2006