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when your fed up with work you may yell out IFQ
by concman23 March 05, 2010
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1. n. Accronym for "Irrelevant Fucking Question". Often occurs in Philosophy classes where nobody has done the readings and someone feels the need to broadcast their idiocy by bringing up that article "that I didn't really read but it totally counters that argument so it's out there and look it up for yourself anyway I'm right".

2. The outburst which follows such a phenomenon.
The Lecturer quoted, "'Can God create a rock so massive that he himself cannot lift it?' Does this pose a problem for the notion of omnipotence?".
"I read something on Free Will the other day," said Rodney, "Do you think this disproves God too?."

*pointless ten-minute argument*

"*groan* IFQ..."
by Jerematt October 09, 2007
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