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abbreviation for "I Fucking Hate"
Similar to TGI Fridays, we have IFH Mondays.
by jazzboy January 13, 2008
I Fucking hope.
Expression of doubt, uncertainty.
I'm going to pass the end term, IFH
by Herbos, a prince August 25, 2008
coming from the slang system of NFW, IFH, DFH,INFH, IFH stands for "i would, fuck her"... more commenly known ammong groups of men as, "i'd do her"
as a semi-attractive female walks by, you rate her as being an IFH. (not to hot, but do-able.)
by mike chandler September 19, 2006
an abbreviation for "i fucked her"
John: Dude look at that chick over there.
Kyle: Who, her? IFH, dude.
by Homestar Runner August 09, 2003

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