IFA is a norwegian liquorice-pastille produced by the Nidar company.

IFA is named after the famous opera singer Ivar F. Andresen who adorns the small candy box.
Ever since the 1930s, his face has been seen on the package, along with a quote recommending the product to "singers, public speakers, smokers and athletes".
I go to Norway each year to refill my stash of IFA, a very delicious pastille
by Doracu August 21, 2010
Top Definition
Abbreviation for "I'm Fucking Awesome."
Person 1: Why does everything always work out for you?

Person 2: Because IFA.

Can also be used for YFA "You're fucking awesome".
by lylxleash December 21, 2009
Is an abbreviation for: I'll/I'd Fuck Anything or.. I'll/I'd Fuck Anyone (if you're a little less adventurous)

Although usually said in it's abbreviated form, sometimes spoken fully.

Meaning you would mount and have sex with literally anything living or non.

Often used as a nonsensical response when you have nothing else to say, lack interest in a conversation or sometimes used to scare others out of conversation so they'll go away.
Example 1:
Person1: What girls are you into?
Person2: IFA

Example 2:
Person1: You're up against the best player tonight
Person2: IFA

Example 3:
Person1: What's up?
Person2: I'll fuck anything
by Indiot February 11, 2014
Abbreviation for I'm Floating Away. A term used to describe music that allows one to float away when played.

IFA is a term that only used online.

For example,
IM Status: IFA
by mike wang March 05, 2008
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