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Individualized Education Program

A written document that states the various methods special education teachers can use to make their students' lives miserable.

Examples of content found in an IEP include:

1. Student cannot eat lunch in the cafeteria
2. Student must be escorted between classes
3. Student must leave classes 5 minutes early (to avoid coming in contact with students)
4. Student cannot attend mainstream (regular ed.) classes
5. Teachers have the right to humiliate students
Results of IEP implementation:

1. I ate lunch in Mr. Eng****nd's classroom 98% of the school year.
2. Mrs. H**s walked with me between classes.
3. I had to leave class 5 minutes before the end of the school day.
4. I had Mr. Eng****nd for math and language arts.
5. Mr. H****y made me stand facing a locker and touch my nose against it.
by Jason F****ey January 23, 2007
Individualized Education Program

When the Goverment and the schoolboard sends you little notes in your report card tellling your parents your "progress."

If you have IEP you can get a "speacial Graduation."

They put you in small classes, and in speacial classes, teachers get to know you better then most students and everyone thinks your and idiot.


Setted up to make kids depressed about themselves.
I have IEP in Speach and Math.
by Kller Romance55 March 01, 2009
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