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IEC stands for Intake, Exhaust, Chip. it is used to describe an import car or its driver (IECer). it means the modifications done to the car are simple including air filter or cold air kit, exhaust modifications and a computer chip or tune. its the average ricer/import car modifications. 90% of all import modified cars are IECers. this term can be used as an indentifier, to simply state what has been done to the car, or even as an insult by other people from the car community.
guy 1: look at that kid there what do u think hes got done?
guy2: probably what every import kid does. IEC.

guy 3: what do you think that car runs?
guy 4: well stock the car is about 15.4, so because its an IEC car its probably high 14s.
by Ggro November 15, 2007

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A person cursed with dyslexia along with an angry personality in accordance to this disorder. They whine quite a lot and believe they are cool, like they have a lot of money and bling when they cannot even spell or identify it. Just people to feel sorry for
"Hey, why is kevin acting like that?"
"Acting like what?"
"Like he's ghetto. he is from the suburbs"
"He's just another iec"
by gMoney12 March 17, 2013