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Best commercial ever created
Mom: Who are you texting three hundred times a day?
Kid: IDK My BFF Jill
by zak221133 May 09, 2007
1. "I don't know, my best friend forever, Jill."

2. A famously said quote on a Cingular cell phone commercial about a girl who texts alot. Her mom asks why her cell phone bill is so high, she wonders who she has been texting. The teen replys, "idk, my bff Jill?"

"Bethy!" calls mom.
(Teen girl comes to her mom)
"w.a.u?" she replys
"Your cell phone bill is whats up! All this texting!?"
"O.M.G! I.n.p.d!"
"It is a big deal! Who are you texting 50 times a day!?"
"Idk My bff Jill?"
"Tell your 'b.f.f. Jill,' that I'm taking away your phone"
(Teen hands phone to mom)
by Quaviavid December 10, 2007
The expression used to blame someone else for something. Taken from an old Cingular commercial.
Mom: Stephy!
Girl: WU?
Mom: Your cell phone bill is what's up, all of this texting!
Mom: It is a big deal! Who are you texting 50 times a day?
Mom: Tell your BFF Jill that I'm taking away your phone.
Girl: TISNF!
Mom: Me paying this bill, that's what's S, dang F!

by Sid Barrett February 17, 2008
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