itchy crotch syndrom
my crotch is itchy, i must have ics.
by Breanna_is_Great November 07, 2006
Top Definition
Internal Cum Shot. Vaginal or anal intercourse concluded with internal ejaculation.
I gave my girfriend an ICS, now she is pregnant. DAMN!!
by AUTN November 03, 2007
Were Rich People Go To School In Morris And There Dads Have Lots of Money
Ben Goes To ICS Wich Is Why No One Likes Him
by OXMAN March 03, 2007
Internet Connection Sharing
A way of connecting more than one PC to an IP address
by Flamin Homer May 03, 2003
ignorant cock sucker, irrititing cock sucker- novice fellator or fellatrice, new at giving oral sex to a man
Some say that Glenn Beck is an ics. Nobody says that Anderson Cooper is an ics since he's been around & has an education
by gerald frank updyke January 29, 2010
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