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Interchangeable blonde whore.
"Wow, there are so many IBWs in the country music industry!"

"I'm going to dye my hair brunette, so when I audition for American Idol people won't think I'm another IBW".
by InsaneAdam April 24, 2009
Inner Black Woman
Girl 1: "Bitch, imma bop you upside your head. GTFO."
Girl 2: "Calm down. Your IBW is coming out."
Girl 1: "I'm sorry. I've got to control it."
by chillbrah July 19, 2013
Inner Black Woman
"When she told me to f*ck off, my IBW came out."
by LydLyd July 02, 2014
IBW is an acronym for: Irish Boy Wasted. It is typically used by people of Irish descent when they are beyond drunk. Being this drunk is a proud moment for a young Irishman.
Tonight we drink for glory, LET'S GET IBW!!!!
by IrishBoyKR January 26, 2011

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