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"In Before The Lock": An abbreviation posted to a thread on a web-based forum when the poster knows that any rational debate has long since been abandoned, and will shortly be locked by the forum administrator.
Original poster: Welfare is bad!
Second poster: Oh yeah? Well, you're a nazi!
Original poster: Oh yeah? Well, you're an idiot!
Third poster: IBTL!
Admin: I'm locking this thread. Nothing to see here, move along.
by Steve T August 19, 2003
In Before The Lock - threads with no content are locked. some, however, manage to post before the admin sees the thread and post comments like IBTL
Oritinal thread content: blah blah blah!

Reply: wtf?
by angrysand July 22, 2003
I blow Thai lads. A common phrase associated with a hammersavage.
Hammersavage told everyone on the board "I blow Thai lads or Ibtl for short"
by hammersavage September 09, 2009
in before the lock
used ever-too-commonly on dslr
there are many alternate spellings, some with pictures
started by weirdal27
original thread: omg look, im in da cooler!
reply: your a dumbass
next reply: inb4dalock!
by anon April 26, 2004
"I Beat The Lock": IBTL is an acronym used on an internet forum when a poster has judged a thread to be due for locking by an administrator due to off-topic or offensive content. Use of IBTL is a declaration that the user has "won a race" versus the forum administrator, who is about to close the thread.
Original Poster: Hello, I have a wonderful real estate venture for you - a fine bridge spanning the water between Manhattan and Brooklyn!
Second Poster: OMG this is such a scam!
Original Poster: No, I swear this is real! All I need is your bank account number for verification!
Third Poster: scam. IBTL
Fourth Poster: IBTL
Administrator: thread locked.
by Paolomania May 17, 2005
Itty Bitty Titty Lover
I belong to the IBTL.
by Seymour Dupa September 13, 2006
I Believe in The Lord
"I fell from the second floor of my house onto my driveway and survived."

by Blumchen November 12, 2005
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