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High School students enrolled in the "International Baccalaureate" program.

In this program students do hella extra work for little or no recognition what-so-ever. They are considered neerdy or a geek and too smart for thier own good.

These students become a steriotype and become branded by everyone in the school as an IB Kid.
See that guy, he is an IB Kid, let us laugh at our immaturity, hahahahhhahah.

Footbag Biotch!
by Conservative Billy May 10, 2004
69 41
A high school student enrolled in the IB program. They are considered really smart, but this is not always the case (see: Datev Salibian). Basically, they do way more work in order to get scholarships and/or get accepted into very good colleges.
Oh man, I have so much homework tonight.

You're an IB kid, right?


Heh, figures.
by Hey guys what's up May 11, 2004
50 28
a kid who is way cool/smart/flyy/awesome/good lookin'
(and who is enrolled in the IB program)
ghetto kid: "AYO u goin 2 dat partay 2night brotha foo??"
IB kid: "HECK YEAH! cuz i have no hw tonite b/c i am a super fly IB kid!! yeah boii!!"
by CHATANGA July 18, 2006
51 74