corresponds by being owned in an argument by an IB student
Me and Josh had a discussion on how the mathematics of vectors are applied. He IB'd me!
#ib'd #ib #ib student #ib kid #ib hell
by IB student December 07, 2009
Top Definition
Refers to students undergoing the International Baccalaureate diploma program which is renowned to be extremely hard and a lot of work.

note: only Ib students will understand the pain and be able to understand this statement.
if you find yourself in these situations..
*loss of social life
*loss of sleep
*your extended essay/world lit essays/ tok presentation/ tok essay/ cas log book/ etc become your daily rituals
*your teachers start feeling sorry for you
*and many more

then you have been IB'd
#ib fucked #internationally bitchslapped #ib #international baccalaureate #ib program
by IB victim October 06, 2009
Delete (or Death)
Used in forums and posted in a topic that will soon be deleted .
TopicHye guyz wuts happin'
Iv bin doin a few search over d net an i thnk i gut a gud anwswre.
Human 1 IBD!!
Human 2 IBD!!
#ibd #in #before #death #delete
by Kratosaurion August 01, 2007
Inflammatory Bowel Disease
An autoimmune disease that effects the intestines. The immune system attacks the digestive system. Symptoms widely vary, since no case is the same.
Evan: Oh crap! I think my IBD is flaring!
Angela: Oh no! I wish your immune system would stop being a jerk!
#crohn's disease #ulcerative colitis #spoonies #awareness} #awful
by Annabeth Chase July 01, 2013
IB'd - AKA Insta-Block: When someone interupts or blocks you from doing something
I was about to F*^K this hot chic on her desk when Larry came around the corner and IB'd us.
#blocking #interruption #cb'd #stopped #break the continunity
by pmp020772 June 01, 2012
International baccalaureate diploma .

A new type of qualification that it internationally recognised. A few places in the UK do it, and you take it instead of A levels.
Instead of taking 6 A levels, I'm taking the IBD.
#ibd #international #baccalaureate #diploma #a level
by EllieLindan June 19, 2011
Italian Big Dicks. Everyone knows all italians have big dicks.
I bet he has a small dick. Nah man, he's italian, he's got an IBD.
#monster cock #italian stallion #big dick #hidden monster #italiano pene
by Icedagger December 20, 2010
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