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A dreadful year long research project on any subject of your choice given to 8th children at Palms Middle School in Los Angeles. Requires 1 full length book, 2 business letter replies, 2 interviews, 2 news paper articles, 2 magazine articles, 2 creative sources, and A LOT more, just too much to remember. It's horrible and ruins the whole school year and requires many all nighters. 560 points total. Its horriibbllleee
Guy1: "Hey what are you doing for your I-Search?"

Guy2: "I'm doing mine on In n Out Burgers"

Guy1: " HAHAHA what the hell?!?. How are you gonna find a book and magazine and newspaper stuff for that?"

Guy2: "SHIT!!!! WHAt?!? now she decides to tell we need all of that. But it doesn't matter, Im Asian."
by schnoodlesss May 03, 2011
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Online research.
To look up something on the internet.
Substitute for saying "Googled" when you may be using other or all search engines.
We i-searched the subject.
by SLYdude36 April 06, 2010

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