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A rather unknown internet meme. One user will go on to a chat program -most commonly omegle- and tell the receiver "I own a horse." .The other person then disconnects.
Person 1: "Hello"
Person 2: "Hi"
Person 1: "I own a horse."
Person 2: -disconnect-
by Sinisterly January 03, 2011
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A lie from a liar.

An effective way to get someone in a chat room(Omegle, Chatroullete, etc.) to leave.
(Omegle conversation)

Stranger: hey asl???
You: I own a horse.

Your conversational partner has disconnected.
by gogogogomaniac January 16, 2011
A very exquisite and effective way to ward off sexual predators or disgusting people, used on the internet, more specifically on omegle.
(on omegle)
B:"I own a horse."
A:*disconnects from the chat*

(random shady chatroom)
A: I want to cyber with you regardless of your age and I won't leave you alone.
B: I own a horse.
A:*A leaves chat room*
by AlexTheMedicore January 07, 2011

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