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a website ( featuring many user-created images of lolcats, as well as other animals, like lolbunnys and lolruses (walruses). Most are images of animals, especially cats, with lolspeak captions.
Some running themes are: Lolrus' "bukkit," ceiling cat and basement cat, and other general mayhem.
I Can Has Cheezburger also has a spinoff site called "I Has A Hotdog," which features loldogs.
Caption on a picture of a very happy looking gray lolcat reads:
"I can has cheezburger???"
by Katinthehat1414 April 19, 2008
The #1 site for lolcats. The site uploads new pics of lolcats around teh internets!!!
Did you check the new lolcats on today?
by nommity nom January 03, 2009
An internet phrase from a picture of a lolcat with that caption (see The picture is responsible for the site and its daily additions.

It's pretty stupid, but it can be used in certain situations (not many). Essentially, it has no purpose other than to be random.
- Dude, doesn't this look awesome?
- i can has cheezburger?
- No, you can't has cheezburger.
by stikshift June 05, 2007
a network full of shit and is known for killing memes, also tends to reuse the same submissions.
saw another awful troll submission on that awful icanhascheezburger network today
by ManofBread April 12, 2011
1. A name commonly used for the Cheezburger Network.
2. The shortened form of
3.The branch of the Cheezburger Network that features pictures and videos of lolcats.
Hey I was just on icanhascheezburger looking at lolcats.
by CAPTAIN LOOPYHEAD January 25, 2011
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