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What a guy says, with no hint of sarcasm, after he tries to open a jar of Mayo and fails, and his 95 lb. twig-shaped aneorexic girlfriend opens it after him.
Guy 1: Hey man, can you open this jar of Mayo?

Guy 2: Sure

<grabs jar out of hand of Guy 1 and strains considerably at opening it. He fails and hands it to his 95 lb. twig-shaped aneorexic girlfriend, who pops that shit open like it aint no thang.>

Guy 2: I loosened it for you...
<As Guy 1 laughs>
by G-Negro March 26, 2007
What people say when a task they were trying to accomplish was accomplished by someone else due to the first person's actions.
Guy #1 tried to open jar but can't
Guy #2 takes jar and opens it easily
Guy #1 says "I loosened it for you..."

Not literal:
Girl #1: "What do you call something that's out of date and now irrelevant?"
Girl #2: " Oh! Oh! Oh! I know this... It starts with an O!"
Girl #3: "......OBSOLETE!"
Girl #2: "...I loosened it for you!"
by GRAMMAR-POLICE October 13, 2010
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