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Usain Bolt's catchphrase before a race , often projected towards the cameras that pan past him at his starting position (well, pose for him - after the Superman and Zeus dramatics) where he will follow a series of cool sayings in that deep Jamaican accent with the phrase itself.
9.58 seconds later, Bolt goes on to the break his own world record by 0.11 seconds.

2. The act of gearing up for something special..something fast that would be quickly over where you get down, put your seatbelt on - look at the person next to you and put a check on them - and roll. And when you do it, you do it cool.
Commentator *In Lane 4 we have Usain Bolt...the World's fastest man. How will be be faring on the final of the World Championships*
*Bolt waves to the crowds, does Superman poses and says 'Jah Man!' every too seconds with a big grin on his face. *Bolt looks towards the cameria*and says :

I'm ready. Are you ready? Let's go!

Commentator *Evidently not the least bit nervouse...And there you have it, he's ready alright*

Commentator *On their lanes....and they go*
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Finish line

Commentator *He's done it again...9.58 ... a new World Record in the 100m.*

This man is unstoppable.
We were ready alright, but not for something this spectacular!
by sundarasundara September 02, 2009
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