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I am working very hard on developing some stuff.

(One's intonation will effect the exact meaning of this... i.e.:)

1. I am overwhelming the issue by investing WAY to much time and energy into it... like WAY too much butter on a muffin.

2. I am doing a CRAPPY job at this... just as blue bonnet is a crappy margarine substitute.

3. I am doing a skimpy job because the job I would do would be crap anyways... just like blue bonnet should be used sparingly. Being crap.
1. "You gonna hit that bitch?" "Oh yeah... she be drunk... I'm ON IT like BLUE BONNET!"

2. "Hey, are you finished photocopying that deposition?" *uncaring* "Uh, yeah, I guess... *sigh* I'm on it.. like blue bonnet"
by Guava_child August 23, 2009
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