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Used to indicate that the speaker is interested in doing whatever has just been suggested. Similar to "I'm up for that."
Bart: Let's go see a flick.
Lisa: Sure, I'm game.
by kiwi-monster April 29, 2004
117 39
I'm with you, meaning that you agree to do something with someone.
Guy #1 : Yo, we're gonna go smack that punk-ass motherfucker. Ya coming with us?
Guy #2 : Aight, I'm game.
Guy #1 : Good, let's go.
by ic4rus April 21, 2004
246 79
An phrase expressing one's willingness to participate in a given activity.
Friend: Dude, do you want to go to Denny's?
You: Yeah man, I'm game.
by jeremy April 25, 2004
80 25
willing to do something
"Are you interested in going to the concert with me tomorrow?"
"Yeah, I'm game."
by Cynthia April 21, 2004
31 8
I would be interested in following up on your suggestion.
Let us progress.
"Shall we go see a movie?"
"I'm Game"
by Chrisos April 26, 2004
35 19
"Im game"...its another way of saying..."Im Down"..."Im Ready"..
Tyrell: Yo Jermaine...u wanna go rob dis 7/11 wit us tonight...

Jermaine:...well i am broke...iight..im game.
by MizzTrina April 28, 2004
40 31
I'm game- I'm cool with that, that's fine, let's do it
-Hey you wanna go shoot some pool?
-Yea, I'm game
by Ali April 28, 2004
37 28