A term used by guys to briefly rate a female. Means the girl could be anywhere between 'really fucking hot' or 'ok'. A girl decent enough to fuck or above.
Guy 1:Hey,what would you rate Brianna?
Guy 2:Eh,shes ok. Nice ass but her face looks weird. I'd smash.

(hot girl walks by group of guys)
Guy 1: Id Smash
Guy 2: Same.
Group nods in approval.
by HYPERLINK! December 17, 2011
Top Definition
Pronunciation: Eyed Smash
Function: Vernacular, Expressive Phrase
Etymology: From "I'd hit it"

Used to express when someone wishes to sleep with an attractive member of the opposite sex.
"What do you think of Jenny?"
"I'd smash."
by Keta January 27, 2006
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