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Used as a phrase to let another person know when you are being left out or want to get in on something. From the AT&T commercial.
"Hey! Why didn't you ask me to come over and watch the game with everyone else? I like tacos."
by BigHomey November 22, 2011
When your phones auto correct says I have a boner instead of I like tacos.
Alexis: "Hey Bek, whatcha wanna eat tonight?"
Bek: "I have a boner"
Bek: "I mean i like tacos!!"
by manfrmearth December 14, 2011
Used in almost any form of conversation, but generally to let one know that you have no fucking clue as to what they're talking about.

Such phrase originated in the the small shit hole of Creston, Iowa. Any rights to the phrase, belong to the select few retards, that are just smart enough to post this.
Guy #1: hey whatta you wanna tonight

Guy #2: I like tacos?
by I like tacos? June 22, 2011
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