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Of or relating to the oat and a certain group of persons liking it, they have not yet made the commitment to love the oat, they just wanna have some jibbly.

This could also mean men loving a certain who appears to them as a goddess or angel.

This could also mean you fucked up and have nothing left to say, this filling your mouths inbox and the tounge be blurtin'.
Person 1 - "I like oats"
Person 2 - "Oh do you?"
Person 1 - "Yes."

Person 1 - "Damn sucka foo, did you see that oatey?"
Person 2 - "Yeah son cracka, I like oats."

Person 1 - "Fuck you nigga jibblet! I hate your dick ass booty ass nigga"
Person 2 - "ohh..... I like oats."
by Rutherford Gooch McPickey April 01, 2011

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